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I work with dogs who find: koalas, quolls, weeds, cats, foxes, rabbits, rats, mice, cane toads, birds… and the list goes on. When I was 19 I landed my dream job, marine mammal keeper. This was a brilliant job that shaped my understanding of animal behaviour, training...

Understanding and Handling Dog Aggression

Recently Ryan wrote an article for Australian Dog Lover on aggression in dogs. "Aggression is a hot topic that no dog trainer can escape. I will explain the fundamentals of the science of learning and behaviour - as I understand it - and how it can be...

Take the Lead! A dog trainers perspective on off lead dogs in suburbia.

I spend a great deal of time with clients that have on lead reactive dog's and people suffering from Cynophobia. I thought I would paint a picture from their point of view towards off lead dogs in the neighbourhood. When I was 21, I lived about 800m from a dog beach...

Manly Daily – Alfie the Pigeon

Alfie, the Pigeon, made front cover of the Manly Daily

PAW-fect pup training on the Today show

Want to know Ryan & Jen’s top puppy training tips?
Watch their segment on the Today show to find out 

‘Dog Whisperers’ To Tame His Pooch

Watch Ryan & Jen help out Joe Hildebrand from Studio 10 to strengthen his bond with his furry friend Finn.

ABC’s Catalyst TV Show

Ryan presented the 2 part series on the ABC’s Catalyst TV Show 

“Making Dogs Happy”

We all like to think our dogs are happy with us but how can we be sure? New research suggests most of us can’t tell – so can we use science to communicate better and make them happier?

What is Cynophobia?

‘Overcoming a ‘genetic’ dog phobia that causes anxiety, panic attacks’
Ryan has been involved in helping people overcoming their phobia of dogs with Psychologist Anthony Berrick. To watch the video and read more click here  

Doing our bit for the Koalas

See Ryan and Taylor on Prime 7 news working to locate potentially a new Koala population in Wauchope. 

Ryan Tate and conservation detection dog Connor


A close bond develops between handler and his dog. Ryan Tate and conservation detection dog Connor take time out at the Barren Box Swamp near Griffith in NSW where they’ve been looking for alligator weed.