I work with dogs who find: koalas, quolls, weeds, cats, foxes, rabbits, rats, mice, cane toads, birds… and the list goes on.

When I was 19 I landed my dream job, marine mammal keeper. This was a brilliant job that shaped my understanding of animal behaviour, training and conservation and introduced me to my wife.

During the 12 years in that field, I met a number of detection dog trainers from the army, police and biosecurity. Their stories and experiences humbled and inspired me. After researching the industry for years and dabbling in some detection dog training on the side, I made the full switch. My experience in training, good results at dog trials, a lot of relevant qualifications and some brilliant mentors, meant I had a relatively smooth transition into this new and exciting field.

Whenever anyone asks me what I do for a crust, they are usually surprised to hear that such a job exists and then I get asked the following questions:

Who do you work for and what do you do?
I am a contractor to a variety of government agencies, environmental consultants, and land owners. They usually want me to find a specific animal or plant, or any evidence that they may have been present.