Conservation & Detection Dog Services

Scent detection is Ryan’s primary focus of the business.

Ryan subcontracts to and works alongside world renowned veteran detector dog trainer Steve Austin on a huge variety of detection processes around the country. Ryan owns four dogs currently working in the field detecting the following: Truffles, Koalas, Foxes, Feral Cats and Narcotics.

Some examples of what dogs can be trained to detect; Endangered or invasive plants and animals, termites or bed bugs, animal scats, natural resources, diseases, illegal animal trade, biosecurity, currency, explosives, flammable accelerants, cadaver, asbestos and more.

We can provide you with the following detection dog services:
– Workshops and sessions for handlers and trainers
– Detection Classes at TAFE NSW
– Acquiring and or training a dog for a particular odour
– Detection services using our own dogs to find any of the above mentioned odours
– Handlers
– Detection tests

Do you have a new idea of something you might want a dog to detect?

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