Teach Your Dog "Go To Your Bed"

Go To Bed

This is particularly useful if you have visitors who don’t like dogs, or if you want your dog to be inside, or leave you alone while you are working or eating.

Choose an appropriate-sized mat or towel that your dog can easily fit on.

You can passively train this by saying the phrase “on your bed” before taking your puppy to their bed on lead. Ideally you would spend some time with your puppy while it is on its bed/mat while you sit on a couch watching TV or doing some work. If they associate this place with spending time being quiet and relaxed, it can be a very handy tool.

Alternatively, or even additionally, you can lure them or call them onto their mat with a crafty treat.

Once they have all four of their paws on the mat, reward them.

And just before you call or lure your puppy onto their mat, say the phrase of association, such as “on your mat”.

In no time, when you say that phrase they will be running to their mat for a reward!