Walk Your Dog On Lead Without Pulling

Walking On Lead

Get your dog used to the idea of a lead around the house, or in the yard. When the lead is on, praise your dog for accepting it and not trying to back out of it. Let your dog move around with the lead on before putting any pressure on it.

Hopefully you have already tried tying your dog on a short lead to a solid object for toilet and independence training while you are with it (don’t walk off on the dog). If you haven’t, refer to the information on anxiety and tying up your dog.

When you feel your dog is ready to walk outside, start with very small goals. If your dog ever pulls on the lead, stop moving forward and stop the dog immediately. Once you are both still, take a step forward and if your dog does not pull on the lead, praise, reward and continue. Your aim is to have your dog walking beside you and keeping a close eye on you.

In your first session, aim for a couple of metres at a time with your dog walking beside you without pulling. If it achieves this remember to praise your dog as it walks well.

Any time that your dog pulls directly forward on the lead, immediately stop or walk in the opposite direction. Do not jerk them back or yell at them – any form of punishment could make them resent walking and all things associated with it, and become a much larger problem.

Try to think that the dog is walking with you, they should not dictate who to say hello to, or when to stop and sniff or urinate, you should be in complete control of the walk.

If your dog is terrible on lead, hopefully you have already been in contact with Jen or Ryan or one of their colleagues as this issue can take a lot of training and explanation.