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Ryan Tate

Ryan has been a full-time professional animal trainer for over 15 years. He has worked with every species from native mice to leopard seals. With formal qualifications in Marine Biology, Zoo-keeping and Dog training, Ryan is as much a passionate educator as he is a trainer. He teaches a range of workshops, classes and online courses.

In recent years Ryan left the exotic animal world behind and turned his attention to dogs, in particular scent detection and film & television. He has appeared on television and radio a dozens of times for his expertise in animal training and behaviour. Ryan is currently engaged by several government and private agencies for services related to detection dogs and animal training.

Now Ryan wants to share his knowledge and expertise to the online world where he can connect with people anywhere and mentor them on their own dog training journey.

Jen Tate 

Jen has extensive experience in the zoo industry and has worked with almost every species possible. From native mammals and birds to exotic carnivores and ungulates, she has trained gliders to glide and zebra finches to free fly in bird shows. 

Over the last couple of years Jen has been working alongside Ryan at TATE animals focusing on dog training and behaviour through classes, consults and various workshops.

Jen has a passion for teaching people how to understand the importance of dog behaviour and training in particularly puppy owners as she believes that providing people with the right information and management tools they can develop a great relationship and environment for their pets. 

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