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Ryan and Jen Tate are a unique couple whose passion for animals is central to their work and lives. Their business specialises in many areas of dog training from puppy school and pet behavioural consultations, working alongside the cynophobia clinic, media work and training and handling our highly skilled conservation and biosecurity dogs. Ryan & Jen are two of Australia’s most in-demand and respected dog and animal behaviourists. 

Watch our video to get a sneak peek into what we do.

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What we offer at TATE Animals

Here at TATE Animals we offer a variety of services tailored to Pet owners and Industry organisations.

Puppy preschool
& classes

Do you want to book into Puppy Preschool or one of our classes? Click below to see our locations 



Need some personalised training? 
We offer in home training sessions, find out more here


TATE Online 

We have created a range of online courses to help you at home, see our courses here


dog services

If you are interested in TATE's Detection dog teams you can find out more here


Do you want to know

the secret language to dogs?

Let Ryan & Jen give you an insight into the tell tail signs when communicating with your dog.


Buy our book

We are excited to announce we have released a book, to find out more click below


Looking for a treat pouch?

Did you know we created our very own silicone treat pouches called The Trainers Pouch - You can get them here 


Join Ryan's Members Lounge

If you want to learn more about dog training with Ryan check out his membership program


Behind TATE Animals


Ryan, Jen & the Tate Animals Team have been training a variety of animals big and small. Between them, they have a range of qualifications, almost 30 years experience training animals Both started with their passion for training animals as zookeepers where they trained a variety of exotic & native animals and have expanded into the dog and pet training industry. 

Meet the TATE team

In The Media

Ryan and Jen have made various appearances in the media including television, radio and magazines. Click here for more. 


As featured on 

We wrote a book

Ryan and Jen are excited to share that they have written & published their very own book all about helping you train your dog. This book will take you step by step to raising a confident & happy dog from puppy to adult.


Learn with TATE online

We want to help everyone develop a better relationship with their dog which is why we have created a range of online courses to help you at home.

Loose Lead Walking Course


Ryan's online loose lead walking course is now available in the hub. What is loose lead? This is training your dog to not pull on the lead and to stay by your side as you walk! If you are interested in learning Ryan's loose lead techniques click the link below


Online Puppy Preschool


We now have a self-paced Puppy Preschool available online so you learn everything you need to know in this very important stage of your puppy's life from the comfort of your own home.


Intro to Scent Detection Course


Ever wanted to train your dog to become a detector dog? This is used for sniffing out scents by utilising the already powerful sense of smell dog’s have! Ryan will take you through the foundations of how to train your dog to find just about anything. This course is available now.


Ryan's Members Lounge


Want to be part of the Lounge? If you are a dog owner, a dog enthusiast, aspiring dog trainer or professional who wants to be mentored by Ryan then the members lounge is for you! We are here to help you build more connection with your dog!