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If you're introducing a new furry friend to the family we've got the top tips for training puppies. #9Today

Posted by TODAY on Saturday, 6 October 2018

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Animal Training and Conservation Detection Dogs

Jen and Ryan have trained a myriad of animals across all taxa, from Leopard Seals to Squirrel Gliders and Penguins.

Their Australian Shepherd, Ari, has the world record for most tricks in under a minute and their pigeon, Alf, is trained to find missing people.

Ryan recently appeared on ABC’s Catalyst, as their expert dog trainer in a 2 part special on ‘Making Dog’s Happy’.

They currently train dogs for conservation work, ‘Dog Day Out’ demonstrations, narcotic and truffle detection and film and television and animal bite prevention workshops.

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Understanding and Handling Dog Aggression

Recently Ryan wrote an article for Australian Dog Lover on aggression in dogs. "Aggression is a hot topic that no dog trainer can escape. I will explain the fundamentals of the science of learning and behaviour - as I understand it - and how it can be...

Take the Lead! A dog trainers perspective on off lead dogs in suburbia.

I spend a great deal of time with clients that have on lead reactive dog's and people suffering from Cynophobia. I thought I would paint a picture from their point of view towards off lead dogs in the neighbourhood. When I was 21, I lived about 800m from a dog beach...

Manly Daily – Alfie the Pigeon

Alfie, the Pigeon, made front cover of the Manly...