Find out about the faces behind  TATE Animals


Meet the TATE Team




Ryan is a highly accomplished animal trainer who has worked professionally with species from leopard seals to zebra finches. The majority of Ryan’s time is spent training biosecurity and conservation dogs to preserve our environment. Ryan is also an animal behaviour consultant to various zoos and agencies around Australia. Ryan holds qualifications in dog training, zoo keeping and marine science and has accomplished several world firsts and a world record with his dogs.



Jen worked for over a decade as an animal trainer and a zookeeper with a particular passion for Australian native animals, carnivores and ungulates. Jen is a published author and has qualifications in dog training and zoo keeping. Jen is particularly passionate about Puppy raising and preventing common problems in dogs before they develop.



Kate has extensive experience as a detection dog trainer and handler, a pet dog trainer and a zookeeper. Kate is accomplished in digital marketing and, as well as training pet dogs, Kate works extensively behind the scenes managing the digital marketing and many of the team projects. Kate holds qualifications in dog training and is a trainer and assessor through TAFE NSW.



Claire has worked professionally training dogs and exotic animals since 2004 on movie sets and in pet homes. Having trained species from wedge-tailed eagles to Western Lowland gorillas, she now focuses her time training biosecurity and conservation detection dogs as well as doing Pet dog consults on the Mid north coast. Claire has qualifications in dog and exotic animal training.



Steve has worked as a Zookeeper and trainer with a range of species from sea lions to caracals. He has since traded seal shows for scent detection, working both as a conservation detection dog handler in the field and a pet dog trainer for home consultations. Steve has qualifications in dog training and zoo keeping.



Simone has worked with animals from sheep dog demonstrations in a working farm, to giraffe and koalas in zoos. Simone has brought her natural ability around animals and extensive captive animal experience to the team working as a pet dog trainer, conservation field hand and ensuring the TATE animals are well cared for. Simone is currently working on her dog training qualification and has qualifications in zookeeping and agricultural science.