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Are you a dog enthusiast, aspiring dog trainer or professional who wants to learn how I apply the art of dog training and effectively communicate with dogs?

Then my members lounge might be perfect for you, I am opening the doors again very soon so if you want to join my community and learn together be sure to jump on the waitlist!


Ryan's Members Lounge is NOW OPEN

The doors will be closing in










What is inside Ryan's Members lounge

The Community

Become part of the Facebook community with like minded people. There will be in-person members meet ups and group challenges where you will be able to meet Ryan & his dogs. You will get exclusive members discounts to any of the upcoming courses available in the hub.

What you will learn

Each month Ryan will take you through different topics starting from the vital foundations right through to more complex behaviours and teach you how he applies the art of dog training so you too can get results and become a better trainer.

Connect with Ryan

As a member you will get exclusive access to Ryan's knowledge, experience and training techniques for you to implement PLUS you can chat to him through live Q&A's, member meet ups & via the members only Facebook group. 


What members are saying...

These videos are 'Gold', I learnt so much right here. Loved Bite one and putting it all into place, I just need to tidy up my language and sharpen up the timing. Thanks and can't wait for the next bite.


Great first lesson you break it down very simply. I always think about the way you reward Raff for his reward, as I've been taught to say key word or clicker on response, immediately as correct behaviour occurs.


I am so pleased to be a member of this amazing resource. The resources and information regarding developing a language is so fundamental and I finally get it. I've learnt a lot about myself and the way I communicate with my dogs!


G'Day Everyone


My name is Ryan Tate and I have been a professional animal trainer for over 15 years. I started my career as a Marine Mammal Keeper at Taronga Zoo and have since worked with a variety of exotic & natives species related to training and behaviour. Over the last few years I decided to use my animal training experience and focus on one of my favourite animals, dogs.

I am the co-owner of TATE Animals and I have had the opportunity to teach many clients how to train their dogs and overcome problematic behaviours. I also train and deploy detector dogs to undertake a variety of work in the detection space. Now I want to share everything I know about dog training & behaviour with you! Are you interested in learning with me?


Pricing Options

Monthly Payment

$39 /month

(cancel at anytime)

  • Get access to Ryan's members lounge where he will be sharing new content each month for you to follow 

  • Let Ryan show you how he applies his knowledge of dog training and behaviour that you can implement and get results.


One Annual Payment

$390 /year

(2 months free)

  • Get access to Ryan's members lounge for the whole year, each month Ryan will be giving you content on specific topics that you can learn and implement. 


Scent Detection course!!