Ryan's Anxiety BustersMini Course

Want to make your dog feel good?

If you have an anxious dog, reactive dog or want some exercises to do with your dog then you will like what is in this mini course. 


In this course Ryan demonstrates the most basic and straight forward exercises that you can do with an anxious dog to make them feel good & make you feel good along the way.

Be sure to sign up to get access to this mini course!

ONLY $37 AUD for lifetime access


The Puppy Bundle

Get the puppy pack bundle to get you started with your puppy, which includes: - Self-paced online Puppy Pre-school with Jen Tate- Loose Lead Walking course with Ryan Tate- Ryan's Anxiety Busters mini-course

$297.00 AUD

The Training Bundle (Loose Lead, Scent, Anxiety)

The dog training bundle gives you lifetime access to the following Tate courses: Loose Lead Walking, Introduction to Scent Detection, & Ryan's Anxiety Busters mini-course

$357.00 AUD

Loose Lead Course Offer

Do you want your dog to walk nicely on lead, no pulling or weaving? Well this is the course for you, Ryan will take you through step by step to get your dog walking with you in no time.

$197.00 AUD

Ryan's Members Lounge

The doors to Ryan's members Lounge will be opening soon. If you are interested in learning more about dog training and behaviour PLUS how you can communicate with your dog this might be for you.